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The Perfect Day Created By Our Wedding Celebrant in Brisbane

Few occasions are more beautiful or with more meaning than the ceremony and celebration of your marriage. Lisa, our award-winning wedding celebrant in Brisbane, can plan and coordinate the most memorable wedding celebration for you. Your personalised ceremony, designed to celebrate and commemorate your next step in a life of love and growth with your loved one, will be beautiful and perfect. Our Brisbane marriage celebrant will help you create the perfect wedding celebration where you can express and share your love and happiness without constraints or judgements.

Here at Beautiful Weddings by Lisa, we have over ten years’ worth of wedding celebrant experience and more than twenty years of event planning experience and know-how. Our joy and excitement come from using our experience and knowledge to create a lasting memorable experience for you on your special day.

Getting Started With Your Brisbane Wedding Celebrant

You have decided on your wedding date, and possibly where you would love the celebration to be held. We are very sure that you have a million ideas of everything you would love to have for your celebration. Even so, there is a maelstrom of what’s, and where’s, and how’s streaming through your minds. Planning a wedding is not a simple task, with so much to arrange and design and put together for that exquisitely breathtaking moment of “I do”. A marriage celebrant in Brisbane would be the best place to start to gain some calm in your planning storm. A celebrant is a trained, independent individual who provides a personalised ceremony based on your needs and desires, with no limitations on what can be included in your wedding celebration.

  • Once you have chosen your wedding date, you and your partner will meet with our Brisbane celebrant to discuss your ceremony and wedding celebration ideas. Here the style and theme, colours, décor, music, flowers, cake and food are discussed and possibly decided, much like a first step as many of these might change as we go along with the planning. Your celebrant must be clear on items or aspects that you would not accept at all, as well as those that are an absolute must for you. We also discuss additional facets of your wedding day, such as videography, photography, hair and makeup, catering, flowers, seating, décor, lighting, and transport.
  • After this meeting, your planner will start sourcing all the items and costs and ensure that the best options are secured at the best possible prices. We will discuss everything with you, and you will have the opportunity to work it through and decide if there is anything to change or add or even remove before you sign off on the final choices. From here, our celebrant in Brisbane will start with planning, organising and obtaining any permits needed. There will be frequent updates on progress, possible sampling of décor and flowers, or food as and when required.
  • A personalised ceremony will be written for your special day. Your celebrant will give you options on vows with samples and assist you in writing your own if you so wish. She will help with tailoring the ceremony with special moments in your ceremony, such as candle lighting,  handfasting, sand ceremony or some lovely readings or poems. Your wish is our command.

At Beautiful Weddings by Lisa, we will ensure that your wedding ceremony is delivered beautifully and that all the legal work is completed.

“I do” With a Touch of Tradition

Weddings have many traditions, some of which we may not know the origin or stories behind them. If you know some of the history behind your family traditions, you can creatively add some of it to your most beautiful day. You can make your special day uniquely yours by deciding which practices to include, or even adjust for your own celebration.

  • We all know about the something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue tradition. Based on an Old English rhyme, these refer to the four good-luck objects a bride should have on her wedding day. Something old represents the past lives of the couple, while something new symbolises a happy future. Something borrowed is an item you borrow from someone who is happily married, hoping that some of the good fortune will rub off. Having something blue represents fidelity and love.
  • In ancient Greece and Rome, the bridal bouquet was carried to ward off evil spirits and was a combination of aromatic herbs and spices such as garlic and dill. In 1840 the tradition of holding a favourite flower variety became popular when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert.
  • Before 1447 only England’s aristocracy used written wedding invitations. The printing press was not yet invented, so weddings were announced by a town crier, resulting in whoever heard it could attend. The aristocrats started the tradition of the double envelope, where the invitation in its sealed envelope is placed in a second envelope to avoid damage in travel by the messenger. When delivered, it is removed from the outer envelope, and only the sealed inner envelope with the invitation is presented.

We hope this has given some new inspired insight into a few exciting tradition inclusions for your wedding.

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